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Pasul Trotusului

DN 12A
hills / mountains
Comanesti - Miercurea Ciuc
1170 m
79 km
tarmac: good
380 m
70 - 80 km/h
road description

Ghimes Pass starts in Frumoasa village and after a few kilometers we reach the Frumoasa dam and Frumoasa lake. After passing the lake, the road begins to climb more pronounced. From the valley you will see the road up on the hilltop.

A first hairpin and then we climb the mountain side and then again a hairpin and ready! We are on top of the Pass. After a short segment at 1,100 meters altitude, we start to descend towards the valley of Trotus river. From here the asphalt starts to become increasingly worse. Road was initially made of concrete slabs then paved. Unfortunately it seems that the builders didn't have enough asphalt and you will still feel the joints of concrete slabs.


Trotus Valley is an endless array of villages: for example the village of Lunca de Sus seems endless! Then you will enter Lunca de Jos Village  which is endless ... again! These guys, I think, they had one big village and to shorten the distance to the center, they decided to split into two villages in order to have two community centers. Then after Lunca de Jos, the road folows the Valley of Trotus river for about 50 km through various villages to Comanesti. Asphalt is bad enough but at least the scenery is beautiful.

Road surface:


Valea Trotusului3
Valea Trotusului3