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Curtea de Arges

This route is perfect during early spring or late autumn when in the mountains is quite cold. I recomend it during the spring, in the period when all the trees are blossoming, and the mountains are still covered with snow on the peaks. 

590 km
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325 km

day 1:

The route starts from Bucharest on the A1 highway, and considering that we havea lot of time for the first day segment, tou can chose to take the "old" road to Pitesti, meaning DN7 by Gaesti and Topoloveni. From Pitesti we take the road to Ramnicu Valcea, called Dealu Negru (The Back Hill) and after a stop at Dedulesti to trey the " at Blidari we take the DN73C to Curtea de Arges. On this piece of road we will have a few beautiful curves and even some hairpins. In Curtea de Arges you can visit the monastery and the fountain made by Manole. After Curtea de Arges we enter a stretch of road full of hills, curves and beautiful landscapes. Too bad that the asphalt is quite bad and we can not fully enjoy this segment of road. In Campulung you can make a detour to the Mausoleum Mateias to admire the views. From here we take the DN72 towards Targoviste, then after Voinesti we enter a county road which takes us to Pucioasa. Here there is a segement about 5km which is unpaved.

Dealu Negru
Curtea de Arges Monastery 
Mateias Mausoleum


265 km

day 2:

The route for Day 2 is full of road segments perfect for motorcycles: first, the road between Valea Lunga and Puicoasa is full of tight bends, hairpins and about 3 very steep slopes. The asphalt is quite good. Then from Valea Lunga, a new segement to Provita de Sus. The next spectacular road is the one from Comarnic to Valea Doftanei. After this, near Lake Paltinu, you can make a stop for a picnic but if you are in the weekend period, it will probably be very crowded. The road between Brebu and Alunis is again quite fun and has a very low traffic. A new stop can be made at the Saltmine in Slanic. From here we descend to Valeni de Munte and we take on DJ 102B towards Siriu. After a few kilometers on DN10 at Cislau we turn right towards Mizil. Here we have again a few kilometers without asphalt. From Mizil we have two versions: one is to go through Fulga then take the A3 highway or to go to Adancata then Fierbinti Targ, Stefanesti and then Bucharest.

Paltinu Lake
Slanic Prahova Saltmine



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