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Siriu Dam

This route is quite long for a single day, and if you think you don't have enough time, you can do it in 2 days. This route combines 2 of the most popular motorcycle roads in the Bucharest area. 

488 km
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488 km

day 1:

Unlike the regular route which is going from Ploiesti to Cheia and return to Siriu Valley, I propose a slight variation: a detour through Campina, Brebu and Slanic. After Slanic, we reentered the usual route, passing through Cheia, then in Sacele, we take the road  to Prejmer and enter the DN10 to Buzau.

We ride thorugh the Siriu valley and then, just before Magura village, we turn right towards Hales to enjoy the short road passing through the sculpture camp near the Ciolanu Monestery. To avoid DN1 traffic, the route will take us to Mizil then continue through country roads to get out on the A3 motorway near Potigrafu.

Slanic Prahova saltmine
Cheia-Sacele road
Prejmer fortified church
Siriu dam and Siriu Lake
Hales - Magura road



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