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Moldova Noua
Ramnicu Valcea

"Turul Olteniei pe langa" which means "the tour of Oltenia but outside Oltenia" it's a pretext for a 3 day trip that will take us through almost all types of landscape and roads in Romania: from the flat plains of Baragan to the highest road in Romania, the Transalpina road.

1300 km
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440 km

day 1:

On the first day we will cross the plains of Baragan towards Alexandria and then to Turnu Severin. From here we follow the Danube upstream to Drobeta Turnu Severin. This area does not offer too many interesting things. You can stop to eat at the restaurant of Mirecea DInescu in the village of Cetate. The last 50km of the first day are getting interesting: first, we have some hills before entering the Drobeta Turnu Severin then we enter the segment between Drobeta and Orsova. We will sleep at Esalnita, a beautiful area in the middle of the Danube Gorge.

Portile de Fier
Drobeta Turnu-Severin - Orsova road


450 km

day 2:

The second day begins with a very nice road: the Danube gorge, which has almost 100km of superb landscape. After that, we enter an area of hills and forests between Moldova Noua and Resita, which is full of curves and a few hairpins.
In Resita we go on Transsemenic pass which has been surfaced a few years ago and it gives us a new round of riding pleasure.
The last stage of the day is a little more quiet: roads are relatively leveled but with a pleasant landscape. You can stop to visit the Love tunnel near the Caransebes, or the Castle in Hunedoara.
At the end of the day we will stop right before the entry of the Transalpina road in Sugag or in the localities in the area.

Clisura Dunarii
Decebal statue
Anina-Oravita old rail road 
Hunedoara castle
The tunnel of love
Densus Church
European Bison reservation from Hateg



day 3:

The third day is totally dedicated to the Transalpina road. It would be advisable to start this trip on Saturday, in such a way as to cross Transalpina in a day of Monday and in this way to avoid the traffic.
After crossing the mountains, you can stop to some of the most spectacular caves in Romania at the Polovragi Cave and Muierii cave. You can also visit and the gorge of Oltet river.
Then before leaving for Bucharest you have to see Horezu Monastery and in the end, if you can not resist the smell you can stop on Dealu Negru to eat Romanian "mici".

Muierii Cave
Polovragi Cave
Horezu Monastery
410 km



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