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Crossing Romania from east to west and then back from west to east is an experience where we will meet all kinds of roads, landscapes, culture, and rural architecture in this country. We will also cross the three Carpathian groups in Romania: Orientals, Occidentals and Meridionali. On the first day we will cross 2 passes through the Eastern Carpathians, then on the 2nd day there will be 2 spectacular roads through the Apuseni Mountains and the last day we will go along the Meridional Carpathians.

1297 km


404 km

day 1:

On the first day we leave Brasov towards Targu Secuiesc. From here we will cross the mountains through Musat Pass to Focsani. This road was paved at the end of 2015 and is in impeccable condition. The road climbs up to 1100m altitude and on a 50km stretch we have hundreds of curves and some hair pins. From Abrud we return to the mountains again and cross them back to Transylvania, this time through the Trotus pass, so again lots of hairpins and the curves. Then there is a slightly flat but very pleasant area, the road between Mierurea Ciuc and Gheorgheni; There are many large curves, with very good visibility and relatively low traffic.

 Prejmer Foertress
 Marasesti mausoleum
Brasov Old town center 
Targul Ocna salt mine


434 km

day 2:

Day 2 begins perfectly with the road from Gheorgheni to Praid. Bucin Pass, as this road is known, reaches up to almost 1300m altitude near Bucin. At Praid and Sovata you can stop to visit the salt mine or to swim in the salt lakes of these localities. From Sovata to Turda the road is quite flat. Then we enter the mountains again and for the next hundred kilometers we again have many curves and hairpins until we reach Brad City. From here to Lugoj, the road crosses only some hilly areas, with some more curves between Ilia and Faget.

Praid salt mine
Sovata Salt mine
Turda Gorge
Turda salt mine
Deva Foertress



day 3:

On the last day we start with a relatively flat segment towards Hateg. Near Caransebes, you can stop at the Tunnel of Love, a tunnel digged by trains into the tree crowns along the railroad. Beware because it is relatively difficult to identify the road that leads up to the railroad. From Hateg we go towards Petrosani and then we will enter the road to Voineasa. This road is gorgeous as a landscape, but unfortunately the asphalt is extremely bad especially up to Obarsia Lotrului. After Voineasa, we go to the Olt Valley, then we will take a county road that coincides with the future route of the Pitesti-Sibiu motorway to Curtea de Arges. Until Campulung a new beautiful road, but again the quality of the asphalt is not the best. The last part of the day will be very pleasant: first the Rucar - Bran pass, where we can stop at Dambovicioarei Gorge as well, because the road inside the gorges was recently paved, then from Rasnov, if you are not tiered of curves and hairpins, you can make the last 25 kilometers to Brasov through Poiana Brasov.

Sarmizecetusa Foertress
Bolii cave
459 km
Dambovicioarei Gorge
 Bran Foertress
Rasnov Foertress



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