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This one-day route has the pretext of making a complete tour around the Apuseni Mountains to discover many beautiful places and roads. Besides the main route, you have a lot of bacroads and deviations to visit caves, waterfalls or other impressive places.

264 km
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264 km

Day 1: 

The route for this day trip is made up of several road segments of all kinds: the segment between Stei and Albac is relatively ok, a bit uneven, old asphalt and some potholes. Then the segment from Albac to Huedin was recently asphalted, so the surface quality is very good. From Huedin to Borod, the road is quite crowded because it is the route that connects Cluj to Oradea and the border towards Hungary, but the asphalt is very good. From Borod to Beius, we have again an average road in terms of asphalt quality. The segment from Besius to Stei is part of the famous DN67 that is in repairs since forever and there are no signs that it will be finished too soon. Here we have many traffic lights and portions where you can drive only on one lane. If you have enough time to stay in the area for several days, you can take a detour to the Padis Plateau where you can visit the natural attractions of the Apuseni Mountains: Ponor Fortresses, Radesei Fortresses, Focul Viu Glacier. Somewhat less time is spent visiting the Bear Cave or the Scarisoara Glacier because there is an asphalt road leading to the access zone. The area is still relatively free of tourists compared to the areas around Bucharest, so even if you are going to the weekend you will not have any major traffic problems.

Cetatile Radesei
Ghetarul Scarioara
Cascada Valul Miresei
Pestera Meziad
Pestera Ursilor
Cetatile Ponorului
Ghetarul Focul Viu

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