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This is a good route for opening the season. It crosses only low and theoretically warmer regions in the first months of spring. We will do a full tour of Dobrogea region and we will see a bit of the Bulgarian litoral to Balchik

967 km
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330 km

day 1:

On the first day we leave Bucharest towards Oltenita. Immediately after Soldanu, we have to turn left towards Luica. The road from here to Manastirea is almost deserted and quite pleasant because it crosses a dense forest through which the road seems to have dug a tunnel. From Manastirea to Calarasi we will go more through the villages then we will follow the left bank of the Danube river to Fetesti. After crossing the river we continue on the bank of the Danube to Topalu then we go a little inside Dobrogea until we reach the foot of the Macin Mountains. We can spend the first night in Macin town.

Manastirea Lake
Capidava Fortress
Ciornuleasa Forest
Macin Mountains
Iacobdeal Lake


322 km

day 2:

The next day we will head east towards Tulcea and again we will follow the course of the Danube on the right bank, then go along the Sfantu Gheorghe arm towards Murighiol. From here we will go south and a first stop will be at Enisala to visit the fortress with the same name and to admire the landscape from the top of the hill where it is located. If you want to see more historical vestiges, you can stop at Histria. This is where the Black Sea litoral starts and depending on your preferences you can stop bathing in any of the resorts because we will cross all of them to Vama Veche where we will stop for the second night of the excursion.

Danube Delta
Enisala Fortress
Histria Fortress
The Black Sea coast


Vama Veche

day 3:

After a night in Vama Veche, you'll probably want to spend some time at the beach so the first stop could be in Shabla in Bulgaria, to admire the spectacular cliffs and take a dip. Then you can try the Dalboka mussels and if there is time, visit Balchik and Queen Maria's Castle. From Balchik we leave the Black Sea coast and start heading back home. The road to Silistra is quite pleasant, we cross a relatively flat relief, but from place to place we also have some hills. In Silistra there is no alternative but to take the ferry and do not be embarrassed to get ahead if there are many cars waiting at the ferry because there is always a place to slip a motor. From Calarasi the route continues on highway A2 to Bucharest.

315 km



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