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mountains, high hills
Sacele - Cheia - Valenii de Munte
1250 m
75 Km
Tarmac: good, bumps in some area or areas with work in progress
400 m
70 - 90 km/h
road description

The road DN1A or Bratocea Pass is well known by all the motorcyclists in Romania, as "Cheia" or "Pe Cheia", and it's probably the most popular road for all the motorcyclists from Bucharest for two reasons: it's the closest mountain road to Bucharest and the quality of the asphalt is good. If you ride this road you should fill you gas tank because between Maneciu lake and Brasov there are no gas stations.

Segment 1 - average riding speed 80-90 km/h:

Coming from Brasov, you can take the road around Sacele than you enter on road DN1A towards Valenii de Munte. The first part of the road will take you around Lake Sacele, than you pass near Il Refugio restaurant, one of the most popular pit stop for the tourists passing on this road. The asphalt is excellent and there are no villages. The road has wide curves and it climbs slowly. Before you know it, the landscape changes and you will be surrounded by mountains and a vast forest. The road gets more windy with curves that can be ridden with 60-90 Km/h.

Segment 2 - average riding speed 60-70 km/h:

After 24km the road gets steeper as we start crossing the Bratocea Pass. A few wide curves, a few tight ones and you will get to the highest point of the pass and top Prahova County.

From this point the road starts descending, after a few hundred meters from the Prahova county border there are 13 hair pin curves. After passing those curves the road looks very similar with the previous parts before the descent: wide and tight curves alternates and in a few kilometers you will arrive in Cheia.

Segment 3 - average riding speed 70-80Km/h

After Cheia, there is a segment of 20 km of road with no villages, and the road winds nicely through the forest. After Maneciu lake, the road will pass through a lot of small villages so is not so much fun although there are some nice tight curves even some hairpins.


For those who live in this area or have enough time, I recommend a trip on this road and the return trip Siriu-Nehoiu-Valenii de Munte road.

Road surface: