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Cheile Bicazului

Gherogheni - Bicaz
1250 m
57 km
Tarmac: good from Gheorgheni to Lacu Rosu, medium form Lacu Rosu to Bicaz
420 m
70 / 90 km/h
road description

DN12C is one of the most spectacular roads in Romania, crossing the Bicaz gorge.

Segment 1 - average riding speed 70-80km/h:

First part of the road starting from the town of Gheorgheni is not so good, the asphalt has some potholes and it's a little bumpy. Then the road starts to climb and the asphalt becomes very good. The next kilometers are superb: lots of curves, a few hairpins and some points from where you can admire the valley. Then the road passes through a forest and it starts the descend towards the Lacul Rosu village. Here there is the only natural dam lake from Romania which formed after a big landslide. You can still see today the trees coming out of the water. The asphalt on the stretch of road between Lacul Rosu and Bicaz Gorge it's not so good but acceptable.

Segment 2 - average riding speed 60-70km/h:

The road through Bicaz Gorge is quite unique and extremely spectacular: it begines with a few very tight hair pins, descending to the river bank, you cross a tunnel and then you enter the gorge. The asphalt is good but it's not worth it to go fast because the view is impressive: two huge walls of rock on each side of the road, almost 100m tall and in some point hanging above the road. The distance between the walls in some point is 10m. The gorge is approximately 8km long then the scenery becomes normal for a mountain area and the asphalt becomes bumpy. The last kilometers up to Bicaz are ok, lots of wide bends and a few villages.

Road surface:
bicaz 4
bicaz 4

cheile bicazului 2
cheile bicazului 2

cheile bicaz
cheile bicaz

bicaz 4
bicaz 4