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Chiril (Valea Bistritei) - Pojorata
1500 m
40 km
Tarmac: very good, the road was resurfaced few years ago
700 m
50 / 60 km/h
road description

Transrarau road, also named the road of treasures, crosses the Rarau mountains and connects the villages Chiril (on the southern side) and Pojorata (on the northern side). Coming from Bistrita Valley, where the asphalt is terrible, in Chiril after you turn right, everything changes: the asphalt is perfect and you can see the summit of Rarau Mountains, the cliffs known as Pietrele Doamnei. The road was paved in 2014 so the asphalt is just perfect.

Segment 1 - average riding speed 40-50km/h:

Right after existing Chiril village, the road gets narrower, 4-5m wide, and there no markings. The asphalt strip starts climbing steeply with lots and lots of turns and bends, through  the forest and occasionally through nice glades. As you get higher, the landscape and views gets nicer and nicer, but better pay attention on the road because the cars coming from the other direction are not visible  until the last moment. Unfortunately there are no parking places along this road. After 12km of climbing you will get to an intersection: in front you will start descending towards Pojorata and to the right you will get to Rarau Hotel. If you want to go to the Hotel and to the Pietrele Doamnei you will have to keep right because there will be another intersection. The hotel is closed but they have a terrace with a restaurant with a great view towards Pietrele Doamnei.

Segmentul 2 - average riding speed 60-70km/h:

From the intersection described above, the road stats to descend and it gets wider to about 7m with two lanes and all the safety elements: markings, parapets, and protection walls. It starts with a few wide curves then some spectacular hairpins because you can first see them form the top, then you can take a small break in place where the hole valley is visible and also there are some benches and a wooden table. From here the descend continues with 2 tight curves followed by a straight line and then 9 more hairpins and the descend is almost over. The road bends along the valley, along the river and in a few kilometers you get to Pojorata.

Road surface:
pietrele doamnei
pietrele doamnei

trans rarau
trans rarau

valea bistritei
valea bistritei

pietrele doamnei
pietrele doamnei