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Sarata Monteoru-Leiculesti

Merei - Sarata Monteoru - Leiculesti
422 m
20 km
tarmac: very good, resurfaced in 2015
180 m
60 - 70 km/h
road description

This road is relatively little known. Until recently the road was not paved and is not located in a touristic area. The route doesn’t connect any large cities or important villages therefore the traffic is very low.

99% of the length of the route crosses a dense forest and sometimes you feel as if you would traverse a long tunnel of vegetation. The only areas with no forest are Sarata Monteoru and towards the end of the route, near Leiculesti. If you are lucky and you ride on this road late in the autumn in a sunny day the view is absolutely superb: leaves in all shades of color from golden yellow to red rust.

The road is relatively narrow and the asphalt is perfect. There are hundreds of curves wider or tighter, and even some hairpins, winding over several hills between the two villages: Leiculesti and Sarata Monteoru. The road is very fun to ride and the only problem is that it's too short!

This spectacular route together with the other segment of DJ203G is a good choice of returning to Bucharest after a ride on the Siriu Valley.

Road surface:

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