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Baile Herculane - Baia de Arama

mountain / high hills
Baile Herculane - Baia de Arama
900 m
61 km
Tarmac: coming from Baile Herculatne first half is very bad second part is very good
150 m
60 / 80 km/h
descriere drum

The road has very low traffic values because there are faster ways to get from Baile Herculane to Targu Jiu and the project to build a road over Retezat Mountains was stooped.

Coming from Baile Herculane, there are two segments:


Segment 1 - average riding speed 60km/h:

Although the landscape in Cerna Valley is spectacular and it has great touristic potential, this road was not repaired from a long time. The asphalt is very deformed and there are a lot of potholes. From time to time, there are some short segments of road that were repaired. The road starts in Baile Herculane and a spectacular variant is to go through the center of the town. After you pass the center the road becomes very narrow and than it goes under a hotel and then you enter back on the main road. From here the road follows the left bank of Prisaca Lake with wide curves, partially through the forest, partially through open areas, from where you can admire the slopes of Mehdinti and Cerna Mountains.

Segment 2 - average riding speed 70-80km/h:

After 28km of torture and bad asphalt surface, right after the intersection with the road towards Cerna Sat, the situation changes dramatically: perfect asphalt, nobody on the road, lots of curves and some hairpins. It's a delight! you can test your motorcyclist abilities because nobody will bother you. As you get close to Baia de Arama, the landscape changes: no more mountains, and more villages.

Road surface:

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