Road trip routes


DN 73
hills, mountains
Sadova - Sucevita
1180 m
53 km
tarmac: old but in good condition, some areas with new asphalt
550 m
60 - 80 km/h
road description

Once on DN73, coming from Sadova, after a few kilometers, you will begin a climb, quite sharp with many curves, and the first thing that will surprise you is incredibly beautiful landscape. It looks like you got in Austrisa or Slovenia, yet you are in Bucovina and thers is something that gives a special charm to this place apart from other countries in the Alps.

After a few kilometers uphill where we can stop to admire the scenery, the road enters a area with dense forests and there is not much to admire around except for the road, and because of that, the only thing to do is to enjoy the curves on the road.

We climb a hill, then descend a bit, and then go up again, and so on until we get to Vatra Moldovitei. We can visit the Monastery of Moldovita and after that you will start to climb on the Ciumarna Pass. The road reaches an altitude of 1180m and on the top point we have a belvedere and a monument that was built in 1968, the year when this road was completed. This is the place where the two teams that built the road met. The descent to Sucevita is only through the woods and on this segment, the asphalt has a lot of waves.

This road is particularly spectacular and in my opinion is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania.

Road surface: