Road trip routes


mountain area
Vidra - Lepsa - Ojdula
1160 m
73 km
tarmac: very good, the segment between Lepsa and Ojdula was resurfaced in 2015
350 m
70 - 80 km/h
road description

Coming from Focsani, at the beginning the road and landscape are quite flat and boring. Once you pass the Vidra village, the valley starts to get narrower and the surrounding hills become higher and higher and the road starts to wind along with the river Putna. This segment of the route, from Vidra to Lepsa is very nice to ride on: wide curves with very good visibility and a very low traffic. After you pass Tulnici village, the road enters a forest and it starts to climb more abrupt. Without even realizing it, even if there are almost 38km, you will arrive in Lepsa in no time. Here you will pass through a short tunnel than you will see a waterfall and after that you will enter the mountain resort called Lepsa.


The real mountain pass starts right after you exist Lespsa. The Musat pass was recently resurfaced in autumn of 2015. Before that this was just a narrow dirt road. Now the road is very wide, with some segment with 2 lanes per sense and it has all the safety features of a European road.

 In contrast with other mountain passes from Carpathian mountains, this road climbs very slowly, with wide curves and the best thing is that the road is almost empty all the time.

This route offers very few places where you can stop and admire the surroundings because almost all the time you will find yourself in the middle of a vast forest. In the top part of the pass, there is a vast area with no threes so this is the best place for a short stop.

​After that the road will go again in to the forest and we will start the descent to Ojdula. First a few wide curves and then a series of tight hairpins. Right after these hairpins, the forest ends and we’ll enter Ojdula village. This is where the pass ends and you will find your self again in the middle of a flat landscape surrounded by plains and small hills.

Road surface: