Road trip routes


mountain / high hills
Resita - Valiug - Garana - Slatina Timis
1000 m
60 km
good tarmac in general, small bumps, some areas with waved surface 
250 m
70 / 80 km/h
descriere drum

Transsemenic was finalized in 2014 and it's in a very good state. In some area there are already small cracks in the asphalt but I hope the administrators of the road will repair them soon. Sadly or fortunately, this is road is very little known so the traffic is almost zero.

Segment 1 - average riding speed 40-60 Km/h:

The road starts in Resita and initially was the only paved part of the hole road. It connects the city with the touristic area near Valiug Lake.The first 6-8km are with old asphalt which is very bumpy and there are a lot of potholes. Up to Valiug, most of the road is through a forest and it has a lot of curves.


Segment 2 - average riding speed 60-70 Km/h

After crossing Valiug, the road starts climbing a little bit steeper with a lot of tight bend.This part of the road is also through the forest but from time to time you can stop and admire a view form above upon Valiug Lake and Semenic Mountains. This climbing ends after the village Trei Ape (Three Waters)

Segmentul 3 - average riding speed 70-90 Km/h:

After leaving behind the Garana and Brebu Nou villages, the road starts descending with a constant gradient down to Slatina-Timis village. There are lots of wide curves and 2 or 3 hairpins. The asphalt is excellent and also the scenery.

Road surface:
transsemenic 5
transsemenic 5

trei ape
trei ape

transsemenic 7
transsemenic 7

transsemenic 5
transsemenic 5