Road trip routes

Dealu Negru

Draganu - Milcoiu - Blidari
290 m
14 km
tarmac: good
410 m
80 - 90 km/h
road description

The Black Hill (Dealul Negru) is famous for two things: the meat balls form Dedulesti and accidents the occur here almost every week. The road is a little bit tricky becasue the landscape is quit „soft” but the road is a little bit „rough”.  Although around us there ar some nice hills, the road has lots of hairpins and tight curves. Also the road is very dangeros because usualy the traffic values are very high, so you must be very lucky in order to really have fun on this road.


The landscape is nice: lots of areas with forest and lots of vilages. The most spectacular part of the route is the one near Dedulesti where if the sky is clear, you can see in the distance, the mountains around the Olt Valley.

Road surface:

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