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Comarnic-Valea Doftanei

DJ 101S
Comarnic - Secaria - Valea Doftanei
550 m
14,7 km
tarmac: old asphalt, some potholes and some parts with waves
980 m
50 - 70 km/h
road discription

If this road wold have new asphalt, it would be superb! Starting from Comarnic, the road climb between house with lots of hairpins an a very steep slope. When you think you succeeded to get to the top, the climb start again. After this climb, there is a part with a softer gradient but lots of curves, then you will start the descent towards the Secaria Village. After Secaria the road starts to climb again on another hill. There are here some nice hairpins and some spots where you can stop and admire the view. Then just after the hilltop you will have again a steep descent and some hairpin curves until you get to Tesila Village.

Road surface:

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