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Hales - Manastirea Ciolanu - DN10 (langa Magura)
500 m
14 km
tarmac: good. Attention! lots of sand specially in the spring months
200 m
60 - 80 km/h
road description

This short stretch of road was paved a few years ago, so the asphalt is very good. Coming from south, from Hales, the first part of the road is very fast with some straight lines and fast curves. Then the, as you go deeper into the forest, the road starts to climb the hill and you will have more and more tight curves. Half the distance between Hales and Magura there is the Ciolanu Monastery  then, right next tot it, the open air sculpture workshop from Magura. In the middle 70' a lot of artists worked here during summertime, creating lots of stone sculptures which remained displayed on this hill.

After the workshop site, the roads climes a little bit more, there is even a hairpin curve, then it starts to go down towards road DN10. This part of the road is very dangerous because the visibility is limited by the dense forest. After 8 km of steep descend the road end sudenly at the intersection with DN10.

This road is very fun to ride, but you should be careful specially if you go during spring time because there is a lot of sand of the road which remained form the winter. 

Road surface:

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