Road trip routes

Turda - Stei

Turda - Campeni - Albac - Arieseni - Stei
1220 m
166 km
Tarmac: in general good, some areas with potholes and waves
250 m
70 - 80 km/h
road description

If you are coming from DN76 which is a very bad road, always with construction works and stop lights, this road will look like the perfect road although the asphalt is quite old. At least there are no more immense craters on the road!

As soon as we exit Nucet, the road starts climbing. In only 10 kilometers will climb form 500m to 1200m in altitude. This is the most impressive part of this route: there are tens of curves, lots of hairpins and the scenery is breathtaking: green meadows, golden hay stacks, small traditional houses scattered on the hills... a unique combination which can only be found in Apuseni mountains. 

Once we get to the top, the road starts to descend and we enter on Aries valley. From here to Turda we will follow this river. Although there are lots of villages, the road and scenery are spectacular. After we pass Campeni town, the traffic will become very low because the majority of people are driving towards Alba-Iulia. From Campeni to Turda the road is so full of curves that you will almost get tired of it. As we aproach Turda the mountains are getting smaller and smaller and soon will be surrounded by hills. We are now on the Transylvania plateau. 

Road surface:

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