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Calarasi - Ostrov - Murfatlar

plains, low hills
Calarasi - Ostrov - Adamclisi - Murfatlar
150 m
129 km
Tarmac: good, some areas with bumps and waves
50 m
80 - 100 km/h
road description

This road is a nice alternative for highway A2 if you want to go to the seaside. The road is not crowded and in some areas it is quite spectacular.


Segment 1 - average speed 90-100Km/h:

From Calarasi you have to take the road towards the Chiciu ferry. The road goes for a few kilometers along the Danube bank with some nice wide curves. The asphalt is perfect on this segment. At Chiciu, you will take the ferry towards Ostrov. The ferry comes from 15 to 15 minutes and for one motorcycle is around 10 lei.

The first few kilometers after Ostrov you will follow the Danube left bank. This segment of the road is a little bumpy and in some areas the road is paved with cubic stone. After you pass Dervent monastery the asphalt becomes good and the road starts to have a lot of nice curves. You will pass near a beautiful lake and after that you will traverse a forest and you'll arrive in Baneasa village. Here you will find a 2-3 km long segment of road with cubic stones. From here to Adamclisi the road is very nice: lots of curves, nice views and very good asphalt. In Adamclisi, if you have the time, you can stop and visit the roman monument.

Segment 2 - average speed: above 100km/h

After Adamclsi, the road becomes almost straight. In the first part you will cross a few low hills but after that only straight lines. You will intersect with highway A2 and after that, in Murfatlar the road will intersect with DN22 - the road to Constanta.

Road surface: