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Belis - Dealu Botii

hills / mountains
Belis - Balcesti - Dealu Botii
1200 m
15 km
tarmac, very good
980 m
70 / 90 km/h
road description:

This road was recently paved and it connects the road DN1R with the TransApuseni road. The road quality is very good, it's very narrow (4-5 meters) and it has a lot of

curves, but no hairpins. The 15km stretch of road crosses a few hills on the northern bank of Belis-Fantanele Lake. Partially through forest, partially through glades, the road offers great views towards the lake and towards Apuseni Mountains. If you are in the area is't a fun ride!

Road surface:
balcesti 3
balcesti 3

dealu botii
dealu botii

vedere spre lacul Belis

dealu botii 3
dealu botii 3

balcesti 3
balcesti 3