Road trip routes

Manastirea - Calareti

Manastirea - Frasintet - Clareti
80 m
51 km
Tarmac: good, areas with bumps
50 m
80 - 100 km/h
road description

This road is ideal in the spring time or late autumn, when the mountain roads are still covered with snow and when in the mountains is still cold. The road is in general very flat, with very good asphalt, but unfortunately you will have to cross a lot of villages.

What I liked when I firs drove on this road, is that sometimes after long straight lines you will have to cross a small valley or you will pass near a lake and the road will have a few nice curves. Because of this, riding this road is very pleasant.

Once you arrive in Frasinet village, the road will pass through Mostistea River valley and from here, the road will follow the river valley with lots of lakes until the Village of Sindrilita. From this village, the road will pass over the A2 highway then, after a very long straight line we will arrive at the intersection with road DN3.

The traffic on this route is in general very low, and there is a very strong temptation to accelerate over the speed limit, but you will have to be careful, because there are a lot of agriculture machines or slow driving cars.

Road surface:

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