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Sf. Gheorghe - Gheorgheni

Sf. Gheorghe - Baile Tusnad - Miercurea Ciuc - Gheorgheni
620 m
123 km
Tarmac: good and very good
550 m
90 - 100 km/h
road description

The road between Sfantu Gheorghe and Gheorgheni is one of the most relaxing road to ride your motorcycle. There are 120km of perfect tarmac, and hundreds of wide curves with perfect visibility, just perfect for all types of motorcyclists: from beginners to most experienced, they all can try their skills on this road because it is very "forgiving" and also very fun.

The road winds around the hills of Eastern Carpathians along the river Olt almost to the springs of this important river.

The car traffic is very low, even in the weekends so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the perfect curves on this route. If you get bored, you can always head in to the mountains and try one of the more difficult roads like: Oituz Pass, Trotus Pass or Bicaz Gorge. 

Road surface:
sf gheorghe
sf gheorghe

sf gheorghe2
sf gheorghe2

sf gheorghe
sf gheorghe