Road trip routes

Praid - Gheorgheni

hills / mountains
Praid - Pasul Bucin - Joseni - Gheorgheni
1280 m
50 km
Tarmac: good
500 m
60 - 80 km/h
road description

Coming from Praid, the road begins to climb slightly, the valley becomes increasingly narrow and plunges into a dense forest of deciduous trees. As we climb, the road becomes increasingly twisted and the leaved threes  are replaced by coniferous. The road reaches 1280 m altitude. Here we leave the forest and we enter a vast meadow dotted with houses and this is the place where we can stop to admire the scenery. The road up to here is very pleasant: an easy climb, many large curves and a few tight curves.


The descent to Joseni is completely different from the western slope: there are many tight curves and even a few "hairpins". The descent ends abruptly with a final hairpin and suddenly everything becomes flat.

Road surface:

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