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mountains, alpine area
DN71 - Cabana Piatra Arsa
1925 m
12 Km
Tarmac: good, the road was resurfaced few years ago
990 m
60 - 70 km/h
road description

This road was first built in the 20's but just as a dirt road and it reached the Babele area on top of Bucegi Mountains. In 2010, works began for the rehabilitation of this road. The road was paved from the intersection with national road 71 up to the Piatra Arsa hotel but it was not completely finished: there are missing parapets and no markings, so officially the road is closed to the public. The road is very narrow and it reaches and altitude of 1925 m.

Segment 1 - average riding speed 50-60 km/h:

The road starts from the intersection with DN71. The first part crosses a dense forrest and 1 kilometer after a passing near the Cuibul Dorului Hotel there is a place where you can stop and admire the Bucegi Mountains. The road continues through the forest for 5 more kilometers and after some tight curves you will get to the alpine area. From here, the road continues on the side of the mountain and on the left side as you drive, you have beautiful views of the southern part of the Prahova river valley. The first segment ens at the Dichiu Hut at the intersection with road 713A. This road goes to Ialomicioara valley.

Segment 2 - average riding speed 70-80 km/h:

At the intersection with DJ713A you have to turn right and basically we are now on the Bucegi Mountains plateau. The first part climbs a little more steeper with a few narrow curves but after that the landscape becomes quite "flat" and although you are at almost 2000m altitude, you have the sensation that you are much lower, in a hill area.

The road crosses the plateau with wide curves through a spectacular landscape. Straight ahead you will be able to spot the Costila peak with the telecommunication antenna and the Cross of Heros monument. After a few kilometers, near the Piatra Arsa Hotel, the asphalt ends and if you don't have an enduro bike you can't go further.


This road is quite crowded in the summer months and specially during the weekend days, so if you are in the area during the week days it would be better.

Road surface: