Road trip routes


DJ 763
mountain / high hills
IC Ponor - Cabana Padis - Pietroasa
1320 m
54km (30km no tarmac)
west side - good tarmac / east side - with no tarmac
400 m
60-70 km/h / 20-30 km/h
road description

The TransApuseni road starts in the village of Rachitele just as the paved road finishes. Theoretically this road should have been finished since 2013 but because of some corruption scandals, the works have been ceased and only the western half of the road is paved. The name of the road comes form the name of the mountains that it crossed: Apuseni Mountains.


Segment 1 - average riding speed 20-30km/h:

The first segment, between Rachitele and IC Ponor was prepared for paving: new bridges were built, new protection walls but the asphalt was never poured. Because of this the surface of the road is very bad, with a lot of rocks and potholes. If you ride on this road after a heavy rain it's quite difficult  to cross in some areas. There is asphalt only on a 2km stretch of road and on 2 or three bridges.

Segment 2 - average riding speed 15Km/h:

Starting from IC Ponor this road was never repaired since it was first built and it is very narrow and bumpy. There is no asphalt on this segment. The first part crossed a dense forest and when it rains, huge "lakes" form in the middle of the road. The good part is that you can easily cross this potholes because there are a lot of rocks on the road and you can get a good grip. After you exist the forest, the road start climbing and it becomes very rocky and bumpy. In some areas it looks like someone came and cut the road straight into the rock surface.


Segment 3 - average riding speed 50-70km/h:

About two kilometers before Padis Hut, finally the asphalt begins. The road form this point up to Boga village, was paved 2-3 years ago, so the surface of the road is very good. Sadly the the administrator of the road doesn't cleans the sand that is spread-ed on the road  during the winter months so the grip is very low. This segment is many on the top of the mountains, so the views are just superb.

Segment 4 - average riding speed 40-60Km/h

This is the descent to Boga and there are a lot of turns, part of them are hairpins. The asphalt surface is very good and there is less sand than on the summit segment of the road. The road is mainly through the forest and there are few places where you can admire the surroundings.

Segment 5 - average riding speed 80-90Km/h

The road from Boga to Pietroasa is mostly on the bottom of a valley along the river Crisul Pietros. There are a lot of curves, and the road is very narrow. Because the forest is very dense and it covers the road, in some areas you get the impression that you cross through a green tunnel. Towards the end of this segment the mountains are left behind and the road becomes wider and faster.

Road surface:
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trans apuseni 10

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trans apuseni 9

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