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Pordoi Pass

SS48 / SR48 (Italia)
mountains, alpine area
Sella Pass - Arabba
2239 m
15.5 km
tarmac: very good with a few bumps
1600 m
60 - 70 km/h
road description

Pordoi Pass sau Passo di Pordoi is situated in the Dolomiti mountains and it is a part of the "Great Dolomite Alps Panoramic Road" which stretches from Bolzano to Cortina d'Ampezzo. The road passes between Sella Mountains (North) and Marmolada (South), and it climbs up to an altitude of 2239m. Coming from Sella Pass, the road starts with a relatively straight segment where the road winds through the forest and from time to time it intersects the ski slopes.

Then after the Bellavista Hotel, we will encounter the first hairpin and the road will start to climb steeply. Some wide curves, a few staight lines then again some hairpins. Each hairpin is numbered so it's easy to know that by the top there are 12 hairpins. The scenery in the Dolomites is quite impresive, there are big cliffs, like castle towers, hundred of meter tall.

The descent towards east, is done through a wide valley with lots of hairpins, between ski slopes and it resembles a little bit with the north side of the Transfagarasan. It seems that the curves and hairpins will never end, but they alternate in a very pleasant way: series of 4-5 hairpins followed by straight segments, then again hairpins, and it is like this for around 10 kilometers. When we arrive in Arabbam, we already passed through around 30 hairpins. 

Road surface: