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Gavia Pass

SP29 (Italia)
mountains, alpine zone
Bormio - Ponte di Legno
2652 m
44.5 km
tarmac, very good, on the top area the asphalt is very bumpy
1250 m
50 - 60 km/h
road description

Gavia Pass is situated in National Park Stelvio, in the noth-west part of Italy, close to Switzerland border. The difference of level between valley and top of the road is 1636m and the top altitude is 2652m. There are segments of road, where the slope gradient is 16%.

Starting from Bormio, the road follows for a few kilometers the valley of Frigidolfo river up to the ski resort Santa Caterina Valfura. Once we exist the ski resort, the road gets narrower and we start a steep climb through the forest. There are lot of hairpins right next to the ski slopes. After 10 hairpins we get already above 2000 m in altitude. The road continues to climb but this time, it follows the eastern side of the Gavia mountain. Even in June, there is still snow on the road and on the top of the mountains.

On the top part of the pass the road surface is bumpy and there are also some potholes but the landscape is very spectacular. At the end of this segment with wide curves you will be at the top of the pass, at 2652m altitude. Here you can have a stop at the Bonetta cabin. The descent towards Ponte di Legno will start with a series of very narrow curves with very bed asphalt. The view is breathtaking, specialy if you look down towards Black Lake (Lago Nero). After this segment with curves, we will pass through a tunnel, the the road will descent slowly along the side of the mountain. The end part of the descent will be done on a series of tight hairpins and very narrow strip of asphalt. On the last curves the road will become again normal with 2 lanes, parapet and all the elements of a normal modern road. In a few kilometers the pass is done as we enter Pnte di Legno.

I went on this road at the begining of June, very early in the morning, and on the 44 kilometer long pass, I only encounter one car and 2 motorcycles. So if you want to enjoy this road, you should find accommodation close by and wake up early in the morning.

Road surface: