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Julier Pass

3 / Juliertrasse (Elvetia)
mountains, alpine zone
Tiefencastel - Silvaplana
2284 m
43 km
tarmac: very good
1200 m
60 - 70 km/h
road description

Julierpass is less known among bikers but worth riding. It was renovated between 1935-1940 and it was the first mountain pass in the Alps which was paved with asphalt. As it is an important link road it remains opened all year, but if you don't want to have surprises you can check the road conditions on the  website


From Tiefencastel the road begins to climb along a river valley. We pass through a ski resort, Savognin, then the road continues in the same way: wide curves, tight curves and straight lines. After about 20km we encounter the first hairpins that will take us to the Marmorera dam, where it is a good place for a stop. From here you can admire the lake and mountains. The road follows the right bank of the lake and we climb quite smoothly and without too many curves. Imperceptibly  we reach 2000m in altitude and here we begin the final ascent which is somewhat steep and with a series of tight hairpins. This part of the road resembles somewhat with Transfagarasan road. Immediately after passing the sign with the maximum altitude of 2284m, we begin to descend. The descent is quite pleasant, a few hairpins then some straight lines, then again a few hairpins and you will feel like you're on a race track.


The last 10 km are quite straight, with a few curves and then right before the Silvaplana there are again some hairpins and a very sharp descent.

Road surface: