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Furka Pass

19 / Furkastrasse
mountains, alpine zone
Obergoms - Realp
2436 m
29 km
tarmac: very good
1350 m
50 - 60 km/h
road description

Furka Pass is one of the most famous passes in the Alps appearing in almost all the "the most spectacular roads in the world" tops. Coming from Brig, the road follows the river Rhone going upstream towards its spring. The Rhone springs out of  a glacier which can be visited. The road is open only a few months a year from early June till November. To avoid surprises you can check road conditions on the website site 


Segment 1 - average speed 50-60km/h: Immediately after Obergoms, the town where you can take the train if the road is closed, the road starts the climb and we will encounter the first hairpins. After that in the distance you will see in front of you, on the mountainside a "zig-zag" road all the way up ... is Grimselpass!. We start riding on these hairpins but after a few, we will turn left and continue on Furkapass. From here we will be able to see the glacier on the top of the mountain and the road that winds up there. After about 4 hairpins  the road crosses a valley and then it climbs to reach the glacier. You will ride a series of eight hairpins and get to the Belvedere Hotel. From here you can admire the entire valley with two passes and you can also visit the ice caves of the Rhone Glacier. After this stop, the road climbs a little bit more  with a few wide curves and we reach the top of the pass at an altitude of 2436 m.


Segment 2 - average speed 40-50km/h: As soon as you start the descent, the road narrows. It's quite dangerous: the curves are very tight, there is no parapet and the scenery is gorgeous! In this area, because the road is so narrow, there are only a few places to stop and take pictures. After a series of hairpins, the descent ends and we'll arrive in Realp.

Road surface:
Grimmsel pass
Grimmsel pass

Furkapass 4
Furkapass 4


Grimmsel pass
Grimmsel pass